Four Days in Budapest : A Dairy Free Guide

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So, it has been a few months since my last post and  3 months since I went to Budapest!!  I had lots of technical difficulties with my previous domain ( and after lot of tantrums trying to fix it myself, and a 2 months of neglecting it – I decided it was best to start over! Luckily I managed to transfer my previous content over – after a number of attempts – and here I am with the new domain I kinda love it.

Anyway, back in March a couple of friends and I booked a last minute trip to Budapest.. if you want a cheap European city break – you can get some amazing deals (our total including flights and accommodation was less than £100!! ).

It was my first time abroad since going Dairy Free and I didn’t have a clue what to expect. Are they going to have any dairy free options? Are they even going to have allergen menus? I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything – how wrong I was!

Going abroad with an allergy/intolerance: My Top Tips

  1.  Google translate is your best friend
    Prior to your visit translate some phrases that will be helpful during your time away. “do you have an allergen menu?” “I’m intolerant to milk” – this way if they don’t speak English, you’ll still be able to enjoy an allergen-free meal!Do the same for ingredients: Translate your allergen, write this down and look out for this word on the ingredients list of a product. Tip: look out for variations of the allergen to0 – for Milk, this includes things such as Whey, buttermilk, margarine.
  2. Research, research, research!
    This definitely was the biggest thing for me. I used to love wandering the streets whilst I was abroad and walking into a restaurant/cafe that caught my eye. However, with an intolerance this is the worst thing you can do – you could walk in and find you can only have one item on the menu you don’t like!There is so much on the internet nowadays, you can access menus/allergen menus on your phone straight away. Have a look at the places near you, look at forums online, look at blogs. For me, looking at Vegan-friendly places helped. Although I’m not a Vegan, being Dairy Free goes hand in hand – I found coffee shops for example that had milk alternatives and some even with Vegan cakes.
  3. Don’t be afraid. 
    Being in a new place may seem scary, and you don’t want to ask for help – This is completely normal my first meal out I was in this position exactly, and I guessed. Obviously for those who have an allergy, not an intolerance like me you do not want to be doing this! After this, asked for allergen information in every place I went to – they were all extremely helpful and I realised in hindsight I was being silly!

Everything I ate in Budapest!

Day One

Arriving late afternoon in Budapest, we only had time for dinner and a cocktail – what a place to start our trip!

Mazel Tov: District VII, Jewish Quarter

Mazel Tov interior is Instagram goals

This place is a must, even just for your Instagram! Don’t be put off by the outside, it is just one of the beautiful ruin bars in Budapest and absolutely stunning, decked with fairy lights – what more could you want!

I had the Shawarma Chicken Grill w/ tahini paste, beetroot salad and matbucha on grilled bread.

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t ask for an allergen information as I really did know what to expect. I avoided the bread (it looked pretty buttery)  as I didn’t want to risk feeling ill on my first night in Budapest. The food, however, was incredible not to mention the cocktails!

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Dinner: 2190. = £6.00
1 Cocktail: 1650. = £4.50

Total Cost: 3840. = £10.50

Day Two: 

Our second day in Budapest, was pretty full on.. we did not stop walking! Well apart from starting the day off bathing like Queens in the Szeycheni Bathsa must see whilst you’re in Budapest. It was top our list of things to do whilst there and it definitely did not disappoint! 

The biggest baths in Budapest and the ultimate place to relax on your city break!

Robinsons : Városligeti Tó

Post-bathing we found a gorgeous restaurant within Budapest City Park. Built on the lake with stunning modern exterior is Robinsons -French cuisine on the lower level and a steakhouse on top. It’s slightly more expensive than the other places we ate during our trip, however, it was most certainly worth it.

The waiters were very helpful and the Spaghetti w/ King Prawns was delicious!


Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Spaghetti with King Pranws : 4,935 = £13.60
1 Soft Drink: 682 = £1.90

Total Cost: 5617 = £15.50


Day Three

Our last day full day in Budapest was again very busy (the best way to spend a city break I think) but unlike the previous day where we only ate out one, Day 3 was all about food!

Stika : District VII, Jewish Quarter

If you like dogs , Stika has the cutest little frenchie running around.

The Stika Breakfast looked that good on the menu we all had to try it.

After a night in Szimpla Kert (one of the best ruin bars), brunch and coffee were exactly what we needed. Stika’s name kept popping up when researching the best brunch in Budapest – we had to try it out! The Stika Breakfast, their most popular dish, which consisted of egg, bacon, Hungarian sausage and mustard; the most delicious combination and all Dairy Free, I left already wanting another! Not only was the food great but their coffee was pretty good too – with a range of different milk it caters for Vegans and Dairy Allergy sufferers alike

Note: They open til 12 am, serving lunch/dinner and a range of alcohol.

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Stika Breakfast: 1990 = £5.50
Latte (with almond milk):  750 = £2.00

Total Cost: 2740 = £7.50


New York Cafe: District VII, Jewish Quarter

Taking Coffee with a view to a whole new level!

A cafe painted gold, decked with chandeliers and painted murals New York Cafe is the ultimate location for a Coffee and a cake – you’d be crazy not to go?!

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Soy Latte Machiatto: 1800 = £5.10


Karavan Street Food : District VII / Jewish Quarter

I wasn’t lying when I said day three was clearly a day revolved around eating cause yet again we stopped off for some more food, this time at Karavan Street Food  – located in the Jewish Quarter, right next to Szimpla Kert.

When you all can’t agree on what to eat – this is the place to go.

Langos – A traditional Hungarian dish typcially served with Sour Cream and Cheese (obviously I couldn’t have that option!)

I was desperate to try Langos whilst in Budapest, so was very pleased when I stumbled across Langos Mashology. Langos is a popular street food dish in Hungary, a deep fried flat bread – crisp on the outside and soft on the inside – it tastes just as good as it is sounds, it’s safe to say I was not disappointed!

Two of us chose the Red Onion Chutney topping, although it was delicious, I’d definitely recommend sharing it. Half way through we were stuffed – though this may have something to do with the vast quantity of food we’d consumed prior!

! If you have a milk allergy – double check that it is safe!! It is typically made from flour, yeast, salt and water but the oil they use may have been used with other milk products !

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Langos: 440 = £1.25
w/ Red Onion Chutney: 150  = £.043

Total Cost: 590 = £1.68


Spiler Shanghai : District VII / Jewish Quarter

Located in the bustling Gozsdu Udvar this restaurant is a Thai – Hungarian fusion, another must whilst visiting Budapest. With an extensive cocktail menu and a variety of different beers, Spiler is also a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Homemade Mangalica Pork and Tokaj Wine Sausage with Chips: 1680 = £4.70
Prawn Crackers:  580 = £1.65
My  Thai Lady Cocktail (Definitely recommend!!) 1960 = £5.50

Total Cost: 4220 = £11.85



Day 4

Our last morning in Budapest was spent packing (cry) and sorting our Airbnb apartment out, before flying home later that evening. We didn’t have time for breakfast so headed straight for brunch – more like lunch actually! Liberté seemed to be constantly popping up on Google and Instagram so we had to try it out.


Another Instagrammers dream place!

By the time we got to Liberté I was starving, so was very happy to see the number of dairy free and vegan smoothies they had! Mine was so good that I couldn’t wait until my lunch arrived to photograph it – it was a combination of banana, dates, cinnamon and almond milk – Delicious!

Followed by a yummy chicken club sandwich and to finish off yet another coffee! They had a number of various milks available including coconut and rice milk, so suitable for vegans and dairy allergies. Not to mention the checkered tiles, white interior and indoor plants, making it a blogger/instagrammers dream!

Cost (price in Hungarian Forint to Sterling)

Chicken Club Sandwich: 2800 = £7.90
Banana Almond Milk Smoothie: 1270 = £3.60
Latte: 740 = £2.10
Coconut Milk: 150 = £0.45

Total Cost: 4960 = £14.05


Loads of Vegan Ice Creams @ Levendula
2 Scoops and Cone: 550 = £1.56

Fresh Lemonade at Annas Cafe – The best place to people watch in the hustle and bustle of Fovan Square.

Fresh Lemonade 0.5L : 1190 = £3.30

Total Cost of food and drink: 25,507 = £71.04

If you’re looking for a cheap European city break, Budapest has it all. A vibrant city with culture, history, great coffee, alternative nightlife and bloomin’ good food (even for those Dairy Free like me)!!

I’ll be back Budapest!

Hannah x

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